How to Overcome Depression in the Workplace

Work burn-out is a real thing. Sometimes when everything seem too easy or at some point there is less challenge in doing what a person normally does, then that person experiences a “breaking away” from his or her routine to say “enough is enough”.

Though resigning is no longer a choice nowadays (and sometimes even going to depression treatment centers), and because it gets harder each day to get a job that is stable enough to provide payment for bills and other needs, burn-outs can be a huge headache.

When Motivation Runs Dry- Beating Depression before it Beats You

Depression in the workplace often spreads like fire. It is brought about by difficult economic situations like recession, or reasons like lack of promotions and being overqualified for a job. Long time employees oftentimes feel that work has already sucked out the life out of them that work becomes a pain more than a pleasure.

On the other hand, work overload may also result in the same thing. A person ends up with high stress level when a manager over manages and delegates more than what is deliverable. There are no quick solutions on how to overcome depression in the workplace. However, since losing the job is not an option, a person may opt to look for many other ways outside of the workplace to fill in the gaps or the lack of excitement in the work life. After all, there is life after the work shift.

Workplace Depression may mean Huge Losses to the Company

Employers are also affected with employees who are depressed. Performance drops, sales figures slow down, but costs to run the business are still getting higher. They also face the challenge of solving how to overcome depression with very little budget on human resource trainings and enhancement. How else could you stir action from a log that has not been “moved”? The task of reinventing a person after so many trainings and retraining can also put a lot of stress to the company. Mass resignations as a result of unhappy workplace can also hurt the economy badly. Nowadays, employers resort to a rotation of work assignments to create challenge and to broaden the skill set of employees. Letting them go is probably the least option due to the high cost of investment employees get from the day they get hired on day 1. Otherwise it is time to revisit the applicant pools on online manpower databases.

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