How to Make Curly Hair Straight for Guys?

When it comes to hair problems, we usually just see the women fretting about how their hair looks. We don’t think that guys actually take time to fix their own locks. And some guys just find curly or wavy hair just as frustrating as many women. So here’s how to make curly hair straight for guys.

The most effective way to straighten guys’ hair is to use a hair straightener. And the good thing about this product is that it can be used for most hair types. Before applying hair straightener, wash your hair first with shampoo and condition it to make your hair softer. Dry your hair well so that it won’t get burned when it touches the iron. Apply some mousse or hair oil and then part your hair into sections. Be sure that your part your hair properly to avoid any tangles as you iron your hair out with the straightener. Hold the straightener on one hand, opposite from the side you are working on. Place the straightener as near to the roots as you can and iron your way out, angling your hair downwards and not to the side.

When ironing your hair with a straightener, you can actually pull on your hair in various angles. This part decides on how your hair would fall into place and how it would look like in the end. So when ironing out the top layers of your hair, start angling it the way you want it to sit in the end.

Apply texturizing wax or pomade after ironing your hair. Only use a small amount and rub it in the palm of your hands. Apply it only on the tips of your hair just to make it flow easier and give you more texture and life for an edgy look.

Keep in mind that when you are drying your hair, dry your hair from the underside. Drying your hair from the upper side will result to waves. Also, avoid using combs as these will only make your hair even frizzier. Use a wide-toothed brush to fix your hair. And as much as possible, avoid using hair dryers because these will also make your hair frizzy.

If you really want to get that perfectly straight hair, you may also opt to go to a salon and have your hair chemically straightened. There’ s no shame in guys having their hair rebonded or relaxed. So visit a hairstylist and let him or her do the magic of straightening your curly locks. The good thing about this is that you will spend less time and effort in fixing your hair every morning.

However, this is also a good time to invest on products. Invest on good pomade instead of using cheap ones that barely work. And shop for the hair oil and straightening cream that work best for your hair type.

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