How to Eat Sharon Fruit?

Sharon fruit is growing some popularity today. This fruit can be traced back in ancient China and is now enjoyed all around the world. It is a variety of the persimmon fruit but this variety was originally cultivated in the Sharon Valley in Israel, thus giving it its name.

The Sharon fruit is quite an interesting fruit because of its flavor. And just like its other persimmon relatives, you have to be careful when eating Sharon fruit. So, how does one eat Sharon fruit? Here are some tips on how to eat Sharon fruit.

Sharon fruit

Sharon fruit is also called Israeli persimmon, Japanese persimmon, velvet apple, and kaki fruit. It is an orange, tomato-looking fruit. The color may vary from light yellow-orange to dark orange-red as the fruit ripens. It is similar to the Japanese persimmon variety, fuyu. And Sharon fruit is high in vitamins A and C.

Buying and storing Sharon fruit

To get the best from Sharon fruit, you have to choose the best one there is and store it properly. You can buy Sharon fruit from most supermarkets. Look for Sharon fruit that has deep red undertones. Also choose the ones that are round and plump with smooth and glossy skin. Avoid those with blemishes and bruises. If you want to eat Sharon fruit immediately, choose the fruit that is already ripe. You can tell whether or not the fruit is ripe by its color and softness. If you intend to keep the Sharon fruit for a longer period of time, buy the firmer one and keep it in a cool dry place.

Ripen the Sharon fruit at room temperature. Place it in a paper bag along with a banana or an apple. Once the Sharon fruit ripens, store it in the refrigerator to keep it from rotting away immediately. Avoid keeping the Sharon fruit for too long as overripe Sharon fruits have a tendency to develop a musty texture.

Eating Sharon fruit

How to eat Sharon fruit highly depends on your personal preference. You can eat a Sharon fruit whole like an apple or slice it first. You can also peel off the skin if you prefer. You can also scoop out the flesh with a spoon like a mango. But generally, Sharon fruits are eaten while they are still firm unlike its relative, the hachiya variety that needs to be eaten when it is super soft.

The Sharon fruit is quite flexible. You can eat it while it is still quite firm and not worry about any tartness. You can also wait for it to get softer and sweeter. Just be sure to clean the fruits properly before eating them, especially if you plan to eat the skin. Just wash them with clean running water and cut off the leaves and remove the core.

Sharon fruit may also be enjoyed in fresh fruit salads. Just toss in some apples, peaches, or bananas. You can also enjoy it as a smoothie. Simply put the fruit into a blender just like making any other fruit smoothie. But remember to remove the leaves first. And if you don’t like the skin, you may peel it off. You may also add them to puddings, cakes, and other pastries or to stir-fries.

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