How to Eat Persimmon?

You have probably seen the orange squashed-tomato-like fruit, or perhaps the reddish, acorn-like variety. What you have seen is a persimmon. The two depictions above are the two most popular varieties of persimmon. And now you’re probably wondering how they taste and what the best way to eat these odd-looking fruits. To help you with your dilemma, here is a guide on how to eat persimmon.

What is persimmon?

Persimmon is a fruit that originated in ancient China. It reached Japan and then in the 19th century, it made its debut in America. Now it is cultivated all around the world.

There are two most common varieties of persimmon. And these two varieties are the ones usually sold in supermarkets and fruit stands.
Fuyu (or Sharon Fruit). This type of persimmon is much liked by people because of its sweeter taste and softer texture. Fuyu is edible even when it is still firm. It looks very much like a squashed tomato. This is the smaller variety of persimmon.

Hachiya. This variety is the more abundant variety of the two. It makes up for about 90% of the persimmons available in the market today. Hachiya can easily be distinguished from the fuyu variety because of its darker color and acorn-like shape. Hachiya can be very tart if it is still unripe.

How to eat persimmon?

There is really no exact standard or manner for eating persimmon. It all depends on your personal preference. It also depends on the variety of the persimmon you have. Hachiya, because of its tart nature when unripe, must not be eaten until it becomes soft and ripe. Fuyu, on the other hand, can be enjoyed even when it still firm.

To be safe, choose a persimmon that is already ripe and soft. If what you have is a hachiya, wait until it is very soft, almost like a water balloon. Once you have chosen your persimmon, wash it with running water like all other fruits and vegetables. If you have some vegetable washing liquid, you can also use this to wash your persimmon.

When eating fuyu persimmon, remove the leaves and the core. You may choose to eat it whole or to slice it first. You may also peel off the skin if you like.

Since hachiya persimmon needs to be very soft before you can eat it, eating the fruit whole will be quite difficult and messy. So instead, slice the hachiya in half and remove the seeds. Use a spoon to scoop out the flesh of the fruit.

Persimmon may be enjoyed in other ways too. The hachiya variety may be pureed and added to drinks, fruit smoothies and shakes. You can use the juice to make persimmon margarita with just a little salt and cinnamon at the rim. The puree may also used to make persimmon cookies, puddings, and cakes. Or you can simply freeze the hachiya and then defrost it to have an instant persimmon sherbet.

Fuyus are much more flexible because of its firm texture. Just slice the fuyu and add them in salads. Mix it up with some sliced fuji apples, chopped walnuts, and apple butter. Sliced fuyu may also be enjoyed with some lime juice, salt, chili powder, and cheese. You may also use fuyu to top hot or cold cereal. Chopped fuyu is also great for salsa.

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