Bodybuilding Foods: How to bulk up fast

Okay, let us say that you just finished another grueling day at the gym working out your muscles. After giving your body one hell of a beating, what’s next? Do you just go home, hit the showers and dive into your bed and sleep? Is that what you normally do? A lot of people are prone to doing this particular routine. Although, there is really nothing wrong with a post workout slumber because it gives the muscles the time to renew and heal itself, but this type of approach will not help speed up the body building process.

The first thing that you need to do after an exhausting workout is to refuel yourself. If you want to find out regarding how to bulk up fast, you need to start focusing your attention on your post workout meal because this is going to be your most crucial meal of the day! You need to get your post workout meal done within a time span of forty-five minutes after your workout; any later than that and you miss the opportunity of refueling your tired muscles at the best time.

This particular meal must consist of foods which are low fat because you want to gain muscle not fat right? Well, not just that, you see foods with high fat content makes it harder for the muscles to absorb protein. Your body badly needs protein because it helps hasten your muscle tissue recovery and muscle growth as well. The suggested amount of protein is about forty grams per serving.

You must also make sure that your after-workout meal has complex carbohydrates in it. Whole wheat bread and oatmeal are great sources of these complex carbohydrates. However, if you cannot seem to find the time to prepare such meal, then you can simply opt for protein shakes or protein supplements which you can easily purchase in your local supermarket.

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