How Many Calories do I Burn Walking a Mile?

Staying fit has become a lifestyle yearned by many people. Losing the extra weight and burning calories are desired by many health and figure-conscious people. Whether going to the gym or just simply doing rounds in the neighborhood, people are trying to lose unwanted fat all the same. And for those budget-constrained people, walking and/or jogging is the best way to exercise. If you’re one of them, I’m pretty sure you’d also want to know and ask “how many calories do I burn walking a mile?”

The calories that you can burn are equivalent to the amount of energy that you use while walking. The distance that you will walk and your weight are both factors for determining the calories that you will burn. A man who weighs around 150 to 180 pounds is able to burn 100 calories for every mile that he walks. A 200-pound man will be able to burn around 133 calories for every mile, and a 250-pound man may burn 166 calories.

Your weight multiplied by the distance of your walk will equal the energy that you used for that walk. This energy is equivalent to the calories that you burned during that walk. However, speed may also be a factor with the amount of calories that you will burn walking.

At very low speeds, more calories are burned per mile basically because of the interval between each step. With the stopping and starting in between steps, no momentum is able to help you carry along and so, more energy is used. However, additional speed also helps in the burning of calories. When you’re running the mile, more calories may be burned because of the up and down motion of your legs. This motion is needed to lift your weight and to carry you forward. This extra work from your muscles will burn up extra calories with every step.

If you’re one who wants to lose weight from burning calories, you should remember that you will have to burn more than the number of calories that you take in. Your weight is mostly determined by the balance between the calories you take from what you eat and the calories that you burn each day. One pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories. In order to lose a pound, you will have to burn 3500 calories more than what you eat. So if you want to burn 3500 calories by walking, doing 5 miles per day will definitely help you burn the calories in one week.

Keep in mind that walking is just a part of losing weight. If you really want to lose weight or stay fit, you also have to check your diet. The calories you burn walking a mile may be gained back through the food you eat.

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