How Long Does Spice Stay in Your System?

How long does spice stay in your system? And no, I am not talking about the peppers and chili. I mean “spice”, also known as K2, pep spice, ocean breeze, black mamba, Bombay blue, dragon, and synthetic marijuana. So, how long does this drug, spice, stay in your system?

Spice has been known as the “legal pot”. This spice is found in most herbal incenses and potpourri. Spice is known as synthetic marijuana because it gives you the similar “high” that you get when you smoke pot. The effects of spice are reported to be 4 times stronger than that of marijuana. The “high” does not last as long as when smoking pot but it is much stronger, although, this depends on the incense blend.

The three active components of spice are JWH-018, JWH-073, and JWH-250. These three chemicals are the ones that are looked for in a drug test. The JWH-018 and JWH-073 can still be detected in your urine for up to 72 hours. And when you are going to undergo oral fluid testing, the JWH-018, JWH-073, and JWH-250 can all be detected in your saliva from 24 to 48 hours after you ingest the drug.

However, all of these values may still vary depending on certain factors. Like most drugs, there are a lot of things that could affect the length of stay of spice in your body. Some of these factors to be considered are you age, sex, weight, metabolic rate, how much spice you have consumed, how often you have been taking spice, and for how long you have been smoking spice. All of these affect the amount of time it takes before you can finally rid yourself of any traces of spice.

If you are worried about getting a drug test and that the spice you recently smoked will show up in the results, well, you don’t really have to get too anxious about it. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has just recently banned synthetic marijuana or spice. It was only in March 1, 2011 that possession and distribution of synthetic marijuana, or spice, became illegal. And because of this, not all standard drug tests are able to detect the presence of JWH-018, JWH-073, and JWH-250. Only a few labs are able to do tests for spice.

However, I should advise you to stop using it now because later on, they will be able to include the screening for these drugs in standard tests. “Legal pot” is not so legal anymore.

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  1. Josh says:

    Spice stays in your system way longer then 3 days I have been off of the stuff for over two months now and when I got drug tested again after I dropped dirty the first time, which was about a month later, I still tested positive. Perhaps you should do some more research on that note.

  2. Lola says:

    Its been 2months and this nitemare hasnt gone away. Im not a smoker but it was a first time thing and I was wit a group of friends and they lied and told me this spice cloud 9 crap wasnt harmful..i im dreaming . I have panic attacks. Lack of sleep. I really dnt each much. Im depressed. I knw alot of people died from this but im trying to be strong because I have a 2yr old son. I feel stupid and ashame of myself . Its my fault because I couldve just said no but now im suffering something. Ive been drinking lots of water and I bought some cleansing pills from gnc and nothings working. So if theres anyone out there plz help me!! Heres my number u could.txt me 786 394 7867 . Plz help me. Nd @ sydney gonzalez if u are reading this plz txt me. God bless

  3. Im 18 years old..Senior in high school, live in las vegass..I Started smoking weed when i was 13 .. I loved it !! Smoked weed everyday since the first time i ever tried it in 7th grade.. Im not gonna lie it was the best feeling my body had ever encountered , Relaxation, best sleep ever and the food tasted amazing !!! So one day my friend came over after School and we smoke a couple joints of that flying high blueberry (bob marley) and i was so high .. i couldnt believe that spice could get you so high. i was feeling good , not trippy like most of you lightweights.. I was enjoying it even tho i could feel my heart racing.. thats the only thing i didnt like about it.. So i started purchasing it at the smoke shop up the street.. I would buy the 2grams container for 10$ . That lasted me like 2 days .. I smoked spice for a long time like 8 months already and i seem to be okay… i still smoke it even now that im on probation for some stupid shit.. I got caught with spice at school and the school cops took me to juvy and i was charged with a felony. They said its cause spice had been made illegal and its a felony if its in your possession.. So iv done my 4 months of probation .. I get off in 18 days.. I cant wait to smoke some bombass O.G kush !! Iv been smoking spice cause they say it doesnt show up on drug test. Spice isnt so bad Like most of you people above me are describing it.. Its just a mind high and you have to be able to control it. Weed is a body high/mind high. So if your gonna smoke spice make sure your able to control yourself. Most people cant control themselves and end up smoking too much and thats what causes panic attacks . If your smoking spice cause your on probation or trying to get a job.. then keep on doing it.. But if your smoking spice just for the fuck of it.. Your a total idiot !! Smoke some green and relax.. No need to get your heart racing.. Thank you for reading this.. Hope my story helped you think about the decisions your making.

  4. cookie monster says:

    how long does it really stay in your system? does it cause memory lost

  5. Nate says:

    If u have to read all these don’t smoke it if u got probation or drug test coming…joints are all u need. Smoke half at a time sit Down watch tv listen to Raggae something to keep ur mind off of negative or scary thoughts..and for the Dream state of mind….I sorta liked it…much love to my fellow medicine users who have been fucked over by the government and now have to use this shit…peace

  6. trevor says:

    k2 is really bad i survived but the person i got from is no longer my friend the anxiety attack should end for u in a week or so and if u are thinking about smoking don’t cause some peoples systems can’t handle it mine couldn’t i thought i was gonna die increased heart rate every time i looked up right left or down it felt like my head is gonna pop if u are on this right now do not fall asleep, walk around and talk to some1 on the phone take a shower and drink plenty of cold water.

  7. trevor says:

    Matthew felt same way send me email

  8. Greg says:

    I turned to spice as alternative to marijuana as of jan 1st they no longer sell the spice with jhw018and other compounds but they have other compounds still legal, normal tests still test negative but some tests will show the chemicals, highly suggest you don’t use as alternative to anything, I smoked non stop for 6 months and the withdrawals are worse than meth when you quit, also at the beginning the high would last very long now only 30 minutes or so

  9. grace says:

    in the state of Floria spice is still legal—you can buy it at almost any gas station

  10. Isa says:

    Im worried
    The last time I smoked was tuesday morning and I have to get drug tested today wich is friday.
    I drank a ton of water and pissed clear all day today. And I also did the vinigar trick. I know I might not get a reply soon but the test takes a week to process at the lab. Am I going to pass or am I going to go to jail? Im panicing…plz tell me what u think :/

  11. adam says:

    i once smoked spice at the park then whent home to my room and layed down on my bed and was panicing and was very scard and needed water but there wasent no water so i drinked milk and still was stoned then for a while i was in my owned wourld then i dident now after what happen when i woke up like in 3 hours!then got my friend high as fuck off spice and hes only a 5th grader and was paniking and was scard that his dad was going to find out that he was stoned then he started crying and dident know what to do and tried masterbating at the park at a bench and then fucked a lady and the lady fuckin let her self!then i was trieng to stop my friend and coudent after a wile!

  12. adam says:

    i smoke og kush evry day and im a striaght stoner g and im a tager and tag demo niggas and went to prison for 3 monts in ahh half and im under the age berley 13 years old and after prison went to my friends house and bought a hole traller full of og kush and sour disle kush and all kinds of other shit and then went to long beach cali with my cousin and made friends and got my friend high ass fuck and started crying and tried staving him self in the arm that shit was crazy nigga!

  13. Josh says:

    Well there are different grades of spice if u use say diablo or a higher grade it really fucks with your head but if u smoke Climax or Cloud 9 its like smoke a low grade dro……..

  14. cricket says:

    What if you drink a lot of water…dilute your system. Will it disapate tell its no longer there like marijuana or will it stay there no matter what like cocaine or heroin?

  15. antwan says:

    Take it from me I was a chronic spice smoker and after you stop smoking spice you go through some mega withdraws. Sometime I still relapses and buy a bag but not very often. It is very hard to stop smoking spice. I some times have to keep myself away from the world because I dont want to relapses. It will fuck your state of mind up. If you have just started smoking spice stop now before it gets to late. I made all A’s and B’s although out school untill I started smoking spice. I went from being one of the smartest kids in my grade to like one of the dumbest. As a matter of fact I relapses recently and I have q drug test tomorrow so I googled how long it takes for spice to get out of your system. Thats why I’m at this website, take my advice and stop before its to late. They can test for it now and spice will fuck with the way you think And act. I lost the person that ment the most in my life because she wanted me to stop but I couldn’t. Please listen to me and stop because for a while I was having suicidal thoughts. I thank god that I am living today I’m not one of those people who tell you its bad and have never smoked it. I have smoked g20,g13,atomic,scooby snacks,hi times,k2,bazaaro, Mr.nice guy, black magic, you name it. And I will admit I wish i would have never tryed any of them. I have been to the ER a number of times due to panics attacks. I use to steal money from my mom to buy it just talking about this shit brings tears to my eyes. I’m not gonna bullshit you its a good high but its not worth losing your life.

  16. SHAWN says:

    I look at it this way I’ll probably die of something else befoe I die of smoking cigs or spice. ”

  17. jr roman says:

    man for how long does spice stays in your system i been sick almost for 2 months and i still feel sick im scare im going to die but i hope i dont die because im only 13

  18. Jamal says:

    I smoked spice last saturday and they sent my ua to the lab wensday will i be clean

  19. KING says:


  20. Smitty says:

    Guys please for own well being and safety NEVER smoke spice, k2, bazarro or any of that synthetic shit, its just not worth it. I’m 21 years old and have been smoking marijuana for a handful of years now at very often intervals. The past school year me and my roomates smoked weed all the time and since i moved back home i been smoking weed just about everyday. So in short i am certainley no rookie to smoking marijuana. However not long ago about a week and a half i went to the headshop with this girl whos a friend of mine and she wanted to get synthetic weed cuz we didnt have alot of money and couldny find any weed that night. I didnt really smoke it that night even though i bought it, it was that bizarro shit, was the name of the stuff. Next night was in my room by myself packed a fat bowl of bizarro and took a huge hit just one hit. EXTREME parnoia i thought i was gonna die i couldnt comprehend what was goinf on i was so confused, then my heart rate started going so fast after about 5 mins of paranoia. Heart was beating so fast truly though it was the end for me so scary, was pacing in my room so confused because it was mixture of rapid deadly heart rate and paranoia which was so extreme it was so awful. Passed out on way to get my parents in the hallway and went blank and passed out 2nd time for about 10 seconds before ambulance got there. went to ER and they said i would be fine. However, my concern now is i smoked weed with my brother and his friend for first time since that night it had been a week since i smoked anything since that night. And when that weed got me high it felt just like i smoked the syntheitc shit. rapid haert rate and extreme paranoia. My best explanation is that when you smoke synthetic shit it goes to the same recepters of the brain as thc, so when i smoke that weed my brain must have thought i was smoking synthetic again which caused the paranoia and fast heart rate. Does the chemichals from spice, k2, bizzaro etc… stay in your brain chemistry long so that when you smoke weed your brain will think it has those same harmful chemichals in it? How long does this last? I hope it just goes away because i love marijuana bit if my brain is confused that from the thc and thinks its the harmful chemachals in the synthetic thaen i’ll have to stop smoking weed. I pray to god not.

  21. Brian says:

    Listen to the other comments, don’t smoke spice! I got hooked on that shit and it messed me up! At first it was cool but you can’t stop. Then it starts messing with you’re mind.

  22. Allisa says:

    Isa i was just wondering how your test went im going through the same thing right no and my test is in 2 days and i smoked last night

  23. Haha says:

    I have been smoking spice for a while now and the high doesn’t last me more than 15 mins and have never felt any side affects or withdrawals after quoting for a week or so I honestly think its in most of your heads

  24. Matrix says:

    I cant beleive some people realy cant handle spice, i love spice! Im 21 and cant wait to buy more, yea its not realy safe and all, i just like it more than weed, fuck what the other guy said, ha haaaa,

  25. Trevor says:

    Man I smoked week every day for like 2 years and then I had a job coming up so I stopped for like 4 weeks and I hared of that spice shit before but I’m like this if u goin to smoke the shit smoke the shit that god give us ha but I said fuck it ima try it cuz I thought it didn’t get in ur system but guess it do and I still don’t know how long it stays in ur system but ima find out and let y’all know for real cuz i still dont know if ima pass for that job and i have to cuz i got a son but man if ya goin to smoke just smoke the real shit and if u have to pass a test best thang I can say to pass don’t smoke shit cuz I know how long real week stay and that’s 4 to 6 weeks

  26. mob life says:

    like fuck k2 k3 7h mad munk all that shit is so bad for you one hit of k2 is like smokein 12 packs of newports so if you do smoke it do smoke it all the time people die off that shit all the time and your mostlikle will die later on in life for the shit so think about long term and short term mob life 707ca

  27. Jake says:

    Ive been smoke incense for a while and it’s easy as fuck to stop you don’t get addicted to the shit I haven’t smoked in three months and there was no withdrawal and the only reason I’m goin back to smokin it is cuz I’m on stupid ass probation . And I don’t see why people freak out its not bad at all .

  28. kungfoo grasshoppa says:

    whats funny to me is after all this hype, drama, and horror stories about this chemical coated junk, noone is even remotely interested in talking about how god made marijuana.. even if there is no god.. its a plant, and its harmless no matter what your teachers have told you.. call your representatives and ask them which they would rather deal with.

  29. Nate says:

    I feel you Jake lol I swear all these lil young kids smoke spice and think that munchies and a lil fast paced heartbeat means your gonna die hahaha spice is not hard to quit at all. Hardly even bad for you. But if you can’t handle your shit, know your limit. Jus like alcohol. I’m only Rollin blunts of this shit cuz I’m lookin for a new job in Vegas. I used to stay in Hawaii smokin daaaank ass diesel all day when I lived out there. I miss diesel lol but aye, if the law is stupid and says you can’t smoke weed, a natural growing plant, fck it. I’ll do the spice lol prefer the ganj tho. So kids do your homework. It’s probably past your bedtime anyway.

    -Nate, 21 male
    Las Vegas

  30. royal oaks says:

    I smoke spice like it was ciggarettes you just have to know when one hit is to many and put it down. My advice stop smoking everything and be clean. As for me its not that easy so off to the smoke smoke shop to buy a bottle.

  31. Brandonbob says:

    I smoked spice heavily for about a year then i had an overdose i had what felt like a near death experience, heart rate was 230bpm and pounding hard, i was puking, and all other od symptoms. how ever i forced my self to ride it out. if i was going to die i was going to die. (thats how i felt about my life at this point) but i did not die. lol being the retard addict i was i smoked a few more times only to have the same thing happen every time EVEN WHEN I TRIED WEED!! and now my heart pounds constantly and erratic. slowing down and speeding up randomly. i have palpitations , my heart will skip a beat, double be, random extremely hard thumps, up to a few in a row. but it feels like these will act up more often then other times. i have done some experimenting, and when i hydrate my self alot it doesn’t act up as much. i can’t do any activities other wise my heart rate will quiclky climb to over 180 ( from just lifting a 15lb box from the floor to the top shelf. i get dizzy when i stand up ( i had this before if i laid down for a while but now it takes a few mins to go away instead of 5 secs.) i have found one other person with similar side effects from spice. but please if you have info or experienced similar things please feel fre to contact me

  32. Brandonbob says:

    btw i have been clean for 2.months and still no change in this

  33. Nigga Fuck yo couch says:

    YO this is all in your heads i bough 30 bags 2g of crystal skull, strongest shit in SC smoked all of it in 2 weeks, dint think i was gonna die, dint have withdraws none of that, but that shit isnt worth it its like a 15 min high where your like a 2 year old lol, but my 1 question is how long does it stay in your system some people say 24-120 or like 2 months so someone let me no whats up, cuz im on a juvy life sentece and that would blow hard if i got 5 years

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