How is Medical Billing Performed?

A medical billing service provider is responsible for all of the billing and claims filing aspects of a particular office or medical services provider, with almost half of those employed in this field employed through major hospitals.  Although, all medical practices, whether they are private doctor’s offices or public clinics, will have some s ort of medical billing service for their location, even if it is a third-party provider that performs the operations off-site.

What is the Process ?

In a nutshell, medical billers take the information regarding the various treatments or procedures that have been performed, ensure they are coded correctly and billed to the right outlets, fill out any claims paperwork needed, and send the appropriate bill to the appropriate people using medical billing service software packages.  This process can be for a variety of applications and treatments including military benefits, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and even private carriers or those without any health coverage.

Who Employs Medical Billers?

As mentioned above, medical billing service providers are most commonly employed in hospitals, with doctor’s offices a close second, but there are also many new opportunities arising from the various online providers of electronic medical billing service, including Athena Health and MTBC.  The cost savings associated with online medical billing service fees are often enough motivation for treatment providers to switch to them completely, or use them during the busiest times when on-site staff can become overwhelmed.

What Kind of Training do you Need?

Anyone with a healthcare-related background is already primed for a position as a medical biller, and with the uncertainty of the job market and the many lay-offs and downsizing projects in effect, many of those in positions like a certified nursing assistant and similar support roles are seeking new opportunities through coding certification and online training for this rapidly growing field.

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