How fraxel and zerona laser treatment works

There is a new class of laser based cosmetic surgeries that are gaining traction among people who are interested in using of such an approach to make themselves look better. From fraxel laser that can do laser resurfacing to laser procedures that can help to remove stretch marks, there is a range of options that is available. However, one of most popular choice is zerona laser, which a body contouring technology that h as only been approved in 2009 by the FDA.

Zerona laser works very differently from traditional liposuction. It uses advanced laser technology to first stimulate the movement of fatty acids such that they will move into the empty spaces between normal cells. The purpose of doing so is that the fatty acids can then be removed via our body discharge, rather than through surgery. Doing so has a number of benefits. First, it is non invasive which means patients don’t have to suffer through a long recovery period. In fact, they can return to their normal activities immediately after the treatment. Second, it is also a much cheaper option as its price is half of what a typical liposuction surgery will cost.

In certain of risks, zerona laser has its own share of them as well.  The biggest drawback is that there is no scientific evidence showing that it is as effective as tumescent liposuction in fat removal. While some patients have success with zerona, there are others that complain that it has not produce any results. The key point here is that zerona is just a process. You need good surgeons who understand whether this particular procedure is suitable for the kind of results that you want to achieve. Hence, I would  advise of getting a reputable doctor who is Board certified and has experienced with this new treatment.

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