How Does Neck Liposuction Bruising Occur?

Almost everyone hates to have unwanted fats on them particularly if these accumulate in awkward areas like the neck. If you develop a double chin, you might be embarrassed with your appearance and your esteem and confidence becomes affected. Sadly, even though you would put effort to go on a diet or exercise, the fats on the chin will still be present. Thankfully, liposuction can be considered to get rid of the excess fats.

The liposuction process can be done on any body part where fats can build up. The charge for the procedure is fairly costly that is why many people practically choose which area they would like to be operated on. Liposuction can also be performed on the neck. But, there is a minor difficulty. The site between the bone and the skin is so small that a person becomes at risk for bruises or punctures on the site. The procedure is invasive and includes complicated instruments. First, an incision will be made on the neck to allow the canula to go inside. Then, the surgeon will mechanically get rid of the fat by scraping it off from the site. The mechanical push-pull motion might cause neck liposuction bruising. Because the site might sometimes be very small to work on, the surgeon might form trauma if he hits a sensitive part. On the other hand, laser or ultrasound waves can also be used which results in the breaking down of fats. But, the surgeon must be very cautious to control the intensity of the machine to avoid damaging the surrounding tissues.

When the procedure is done, most surgeons would go for facial-plasty compression dressing for about a week to create compression effects in order to decrease swelling or bleeding on the operated site. It is very essential for patients to observe the post-operative instructions to avoid complications and problems such as bruising.

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