How do you use inversion tables?

At first glance, when seeing an inversion table for the first time, most people ask the question of How do you use inversion tables, and for very good reason. Inversion tables look very complicated to use and also can look fairly intimidating at times. However, after some very basic training and practice most people notice that these machines are actually very easy to use, and they have very many real benefits that almost everyone can enjoy.

The first thing to do when trying to use an inversion table or inversion chair is to approach it calmly. Inverting even 70 degrees can be difficult the first time, as we just aren’t used to hanging upside down. Because of this, it is best to have either a trainer or an experienced inverter on hand to show you what to do and to walk you through the exercise and keep you calm. In addition, they will be there to help you invert and come back up properly so you don’t overdue it or revert too quickly–basically they can make sure that you are using the machine properly and teach you so you won’t need them again (all good inversion tables and inversion chairs can be used very safely by yourself).

Second, do not invert 100% your first time. While some will be able to handle such hanging, most people can’t the first time, and it’ s good to take it slow. Start inverting at only a 60% angle–you will be surprised how much this actually does for your in terms of stretching, etc. Then after your body has grown accustomed to the angle increase the inversion angle aby 10-15 degrees at a time untill you have reached about 80-90 degree inversion. By going slow your body and mind will adjust and you will be able to enjoy the exercise that much more easily, and after one or two ‘practice’ sessions you will be ready to invert by yourself 100 percent.

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