How Do You Get Water Out of Your Ear?

On hot summer days, going for a swim is very enticing. But sometimes, you end up with water inside your ears. Having water stuck inside your ears can be extremely harmful to your ears. And removing the water properly is just as damaging. So, how do you get water out of your ear?

There are several ways of getting water out of your ear. Below are some ways to do so:

Gravity – The first and simplest way to get rid of water in your ears is to lie down or rest your head in such a way that the ear where the water is in faces downward. You don’t have to do much other than wait for gravity to finish its job. Water will flow out of your ear eventually as it is pulled down by gravity.

More Water – This may seem odd, but adding a tiny bit more water into your ear will help unclog it. If the procedure above does not work, add a few drops of water and flip your head in the same manner as indicated in the previous procedure.

Vinegar and Alcohol – A solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% alcohol is another way to get the water out of your ear. Using a medicine dropper, put 2 to 3 drops of this solution into your ear. And tilt your head similar to the previous procedures. This solution may also help the water clogged in your ear to dry up.

Ear Drops – Another solution to help the water flow out of your ear is ear drops. There are various antiseptic ear drops available in drugstores that you can use for your ears. Simply follow the indications listed on the box. Turn your head so that the clogged ear faces down and the water can flow out of the ear.

Blow Dryer – The blow dryer is not only for drying your hair. You can also use this to dry up the water in your ear. Simply turn on the dryer on a low setting. And use it to dry your ear just as you would dry your hair. Do not place the dryer to near your ear and do not turn the heat up too high to avoid burning your skin.

Towel – Use a towel or some tissue to wipe the inside of your ear dry. Never use a cotton bud.


• Pull your ear lobe down to get the opening of your ear even wider.

• Try sleeping on your clogged ear. Sometimes, it just takes some more time to get the water out.

• If all else fails, call your doctor immediately to prevent any ear infections.

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