How Do You Eat a Pomegranate?

A pomegranate is a deciduous shrub that bears fruit and grows up to eight meters tall. Within its fruit are tasty arils desired for a variety of recipes. But before learning how to make all these dishes, one must first master the trick in preparing and eating pomegranates. This is because pomegranates have this kind of juice that can stain your hands easily; making the whole eating process a little too messy, if the preparation is not done well. So to avoid all the hassle, how do you eat a pomegranate?

The primary and most basic thing to do when eating pomegranates is to make sure you get the plumpest and roundest ones that actually feel a little too heavy for their size. Also make sure that these pomegranates are free of any slashes, cuts, and/or bruises. Pomegranates, when ripe, bruise relatively easily though they do not ripen after they’re picked. This means that many commercial pomegranates are a little bit under-ripe to prevent any bruising. To find really ripe and fresh pomegranates, try going to a farmers market or cooperatives that have direct access to deliveries from farmers.

After choosing the best pomegranates there are, slice through the peel from the stem to the end using a sharp knife. You may do this once or you may repeat it several times to create sections on the pomegranates – just try to estimate where the natural sections within the pomegranates are. After creating the number of sections you desire, cut the top off of the pomegranates. Make sure you cut just enough section that will reveal the red arils of the pomegranates.

When the top is finally cut off, pull the pomegranates apart. You may follow the white pith within the fruit to divide the fruit where it naturally pulls apart. After pulling the pomegranate apart, you may break them into even smaller pieces to allow an easier handling. Now, using a bowl, peel off any remaining white pith sections that are over the pomegranate arils, and take the edges of the sections to pull them back in order to push the arils out easily. This makes the arils easier to rub off or pop out of the pith. And when the pomegranates are ripe, the red arils will just come off easier than expected. Now just repeat this method for all the remaining sections of pomegranates, and you will have a bowl-full of red pomegranate arils.

Other people would suggest that after cutting off the top or flowery end of the pomegranate, and after scoring it into sections, a bowl of water will do just the trick of an easy preparation. The scored pomegranates should be placed in a bowl of water for about five minutes. After, simply break the sections of the pomegranates while keeping the fruit underwater. After opening, just allow the arils to separate from the rind and let them sink to the bottom. And then, strain the water to keep just the arils. This is definitely a faster and a bit easier process, but it allows the arils to be sullied by water.

So whatever it is you think that will work best, either the longer and water-free process or the one with the bowl of water trick, it is still your call for an enjoyable dish or drink of pomegranates.

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