Prevention: Home Remedies for migraines

It begins most of the time with a sudden sensitivity to any form of light or sounds. You know you can’t stop it… You know it is coming and there is nothing that you will do that can stop the attack. Migraines are vicious. They strike randomly and there is barely no way to know when the next wave of pain will strike, until you get the obvious warning.

Millions of people all around the planet suffer from migraine headaches. When asked if there is a cure for this affection, most of them will tell you this: No, there is currently no medical cure for migraine headaches.

The good thing thought, is that there is dozens of treatments available that will help you reduce the frequency of migraine strikes, or simply help you stop the pain when a migraine has already started.

Most of those treatments involve taking several pills and other chemical medication, and we all know how dangerous pills can be on your health if used for a long period of time. Yes, painkillers and Ibuprofen are less likely to harm your body, but there are several kinds of pills like Trip-tan, which many migraine sufferers rely on, that can have serious effects on your health. Heck, even the most simple medicine will be harmful at some point if taken with an abusive manner.

Nevertheless, there are several treatments for migraines that can be taken to ensure that you will reduce the risks for your body to a minimum.

The most obvious treatment is prevention. You see, migraines are caused by controllable factors like stress, food, fatigue, lack of sleep and much more. So, the best treatment for migraine, the one that will help you get rid of those terrible headaches without harming your body while giving you a reduction of over 95% of your migraine headache attacks is, and will probably always be: prevention.

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