High Blood Pressure Risks

When our blood force reading increases over 140/90 on consistent basis, the condition is termed as high blood pressure. As such, it’s a common disorder that affects millions of people out there. Interestingly, most people affected by this disorder do not showcase any sort of noticeable symptom. However, the condition can result into headache, nausea and dizziness. Let’s have a look at the health risks associated with this ailment.

Often termed as a silent killer, the ailment usually goes undetected unless one conducts a medical check up. The worst part is that the condition can give rise to several hazardous ailments. Ailments such as strokes, vision issues and heart attacks have been linked with this disorder.

The affected individual can also experience brain damage. What the condition does is that it affects the blood flow to the brain, thereby giving rise to several health complications. The sufferer may experience a minor stroke due to blood supply disruption to the brain.

Other major risks linked with the ailment are kidney and heart disorders. We all know that the kidney and heart are the two most important organs of our body. Any damage to these body organs can disrupt vital bodily functions. The dangers of high pressure aren’t limited to these ailments; there are several other health issues that can make way into an individual’s life which is why it is so important to lower blood pressure.

In fact, some of the health risks can be life threatening as well, which is why the condition needs to be attended on timely basis. Timely medication can keep a person immune from the health risks linked with this dreadful ailment. Overweight people are more prone to catch up with this disorder. Besides this, poor eating habits can also lead to this condition. An individual should keep away from all the risk factors to stay immune from this ailment.

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