What are the most Common Hemorrhoid Treatment Options?

Hemorrhoids are something that affect a lot of people all over the world. Also known as piles, they are defined by the veins around the anus becoming inflamed and swollen. There are a lot of different causes of piles, but the most common is through a straining of the stool when you use the toilet. Other such causes are things like pregnancy and old age. There are numerous hemorrhoid treatment options that you might be able to consider. These should enable you to rid yourself of the problem without too much hassle.

Piles can either be internal or external. In so way are they dangerous to your health, but they can be painful and a serious annoyance. For many sufferers, they will disappear on their own after just a few days or may take a bit more time. For others they can become a chronic problem is certain lifestyle changes are not put into affect. With your get internal piles, you may well see some blood on the stool or on the toilet paper after using the toilet. Sometimes these can also become inflamed and then will begin to protrude, which can become painful and irritating.

When you notice any of the symptoms of piles, you should make sure that you go straight to your doctor in order to get a diagnosis. For some, the piles will be there as a result of a serious medical condition, and therefore you doctor will need to check this out. He will perform an examination on you which will be able to determine what the problem is and from here he will be able to let you know of the different treatments that are available to you.

He will most likely ask you questions about your diet as this is the most common cause of piles. If you are not getting enough fiber into your diet then he will suggest that you up your intake. He will also tell you to drink at least six to eight pints of water each day. This does not include alcoholic beverages.

The reason why you need to be getting lots of water and fiber into your diet is because this will help to soften up your stools and this will allow you to empty your bowels without straining.

There are other things that you are able to do at home which will allow you to lessen the symptoms of your hemorrhoids, . First of all, you could bathe the affected area in warm water several times daily for at least ten minutes on each occasi on. You could also look to get some cream from the doctor or pharmacist which will help you to reduce any swelling and ensure that the problem clears up more quickly. Try hemorrhoids home treatment first and if that does not suppress them then the doctor may have to try another option.

In more severe cases, it may be that you require a more serious procedure. Your doctor may tell you that surgery is the best option in order to rid yourself of the excess tissue and he will perform the procedure in his office or in the local hospital. There is no need to worry about this surgery, as the procedure is a very simple one.

These are some of the treatments that you may be able to take if you find that you have any of the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

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