Heartburn Home Remedies, What’s the Best Choice?

If one has ever woken up in the middle of the night with the burning feeling in the chest and stomach, they may have already asked themselves, what’s the best remedy for heartburn relief? Some of the signs of this annoying sensation include gas and bloating, a nasty taste in ones mouth along with feelings of nausea.

A good home remedy for controlling the overabundance of hydrochloric acid would be handy when the fluids that the body uses when digesting food creeps up to cause irritation and chronic heartburn. The tissues in ones throat and esophagus become irritated when the stomach acids seep up the throat while sleeping and cause chronic heartburn symptoms. These symptoms can irritate and possibly cause cancer on down the road in the throat and esophagus area.

However, there is hope. Homeopathic medication is available to those who search for answers. Some health food stores carry several natural items that can help bring relief from the discomfort of heartburn such as chewable papaya tablets used to control the hydrochloric acid that causes heartburn. There are also natural drinks that one can use to ease and control the burning of the disorder such as Aloe Vera for healing and Chamomile tea to relieve irritation. Licorice can be eaten to treat stomach and esophagus ulcers.

Staying away from heartburn triggers such as smoking and drinking alcohol, as well as limiting the intake of highly acidic foods, can also help to relieve the pain of the disorder. But at the first signs of irritation, a glass of water will ease the irritation and relieve some of the symptoms that cause the uncomfortable symptoms. Another good home cure is to use the juice of a raw, unpeeled potato. This can help to ease the pain.

When trying to go with a more natural cure and eliminate some of the medications, it would be in ones best interest to try some of these free heartburn remedies and see if there is any success in curing the disorder.

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