Healthy chicken dishes

Cooking chicken dishes in a healthier way is very popular nowadays. There are numerous recipes on how to cook healthy chicken dishes that create appetizing and entirely distinctive variations. Both young kids and adults take pleasure in having chicken whether in their salads, sandwiches, pasta, as full meals or as appetizers. On the positive side, it is quite easy to prepare and is quite easy on the pocket.

Nearly every one of us grows up loving fried chicken. Whether it is home-made, in an eating place like restaurants and fast-food chains, we would never get enough of that crispy fried chicken. However, we refuse to accept the fact that frying is bad for our health, because it adds more calories that clog our arteries. The chicken itself is a nutritious food with protein and little fat, which makes it an appropriate alternative for people who want to eat something else then high cholesterol foods.

It is also an excellent source of iron, protein and zinc. Depending on the method of cooking it is quite healthier than other red meat such as pork and beef. You can have a satisfying meal with the easy chicken dishes. Do not fret on which part of the chicken you are using. You just need the precise ingredients to have a tasty dish in no time. There is a variety of appetizing and healthy ways to cook chicken except from frying. Here, are some healthy examples:

Soups, casseroles, and chicken salad. They all are cooked from boiled chicken. Boiling the chicken will do the trick in achieving a delicious and flavorful chicken dishes. In boiling the chicken, you will need a whole chicken, some vegetables like potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, pepper and water. Then let the chicken boil for an hour and a half in a low flame and add salt or pepper to taste.

In chicken salad recipe, you must gather these ingredients: ½ kilo boiled chicken, green and black olives, lettuce, mayonnaise, apples, lemon juice, some garlic and honey to taste. Then, mix and toss all ingredients together and chill it in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Serve chilled.

The Italian food is more than just pasta it also comprises of many delectable Italian chicken dishes like the Chicken, Broccoli Rabe & Feta on Toast. You can also search the web for other delectable chicken dishes that are made easily available in just a click.

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