What are some Good Gout Remedies?

Anyone who has experience a painful episode of gout is willing to do just about anything to help to prevent and treat the episode.  Gout is caused by the uric acid in the body crystallizing in the joints.  This causes incredible amount of pain and inability to walk without pain.  This is why people suffer from gout; they can not get rid of the uric acid from their body.  People with gout will experience severe pain in the big toe and other joints.  There can be swelling and redness of areas, typically in the lower extremities.

There are several prescription drugs that can be used to treat gout.  Many people, however, do not like the severe side effects of these drugs.  Instead, they choose to take a look at some other options.  There are several gout remedies that are not difficult to do.  For example, a person’s diet can cause outbreaks of gout.  Foods with high levels of purines, these are found in shellfish, red meat, alcohol and other foods.  A good remedy for gout is to change your diet.  Being overweight can also make for gout episodes.  Losing weight can help not to have as many episodes.

Maintaining a healthy diet and reducing high blood pressure will also be beneficial.  The best way to keep gout at bay is to avoid those foods like shellfish, red meat and the other foods with high purines.  There are several natural gout remedies that may help.  Drinking lots of water with lemon will help to keep the body flushed.  Eating cherries and drinking cherry juice or apple cider vinegar has helped some people.  There are natural roots and extracts that folks use and have helped the pain and swelling of gout.

As with any medical condition, it is always best to consult with a doctor.  Some people are able to tolerate the medications for gout with little side effects.  Combining the remedies of losing weight, watching your diet and drinking more water may lessen the occurrences of gout.  A good idea is trying different remedies for gout to see which one helps the best.

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