Golfers Elbow Treatment Options

Golfers elbow is an overuse injury of the elbow.There is a bony bump at the outward of elbow. This is known as the epicondyle. Few muscles attach this bony bump to the fore arm. Tendons attach these muscles to the epicondyle. As a result of the overuse of forearm many times damages occur in these tendons leading to pain in the elbow. This is known as golfers elbow.

The first thing observed in case of golfers elbow is soreness just below the bony area of your elbow. It can be in the form of dull ache, sharp pain, stinging or throbbing. With time this inhibits the efficiency of the hand to the point that you feel pain along the fore arm even when you try to do very simple activities like holding a cup, shaking hands etc. The soreness spreads to the inside of your forearm and may extend up to the back of the palm.

Medication, surgery, some simple home remedies,therapies and exercises are main forms of golfers elbow treatment.

The fundamental of the natural home cure for golfers elbow is rest, i.e. staying away from activities that can lead to worsening of the injury and regular icing using an ice pack. It is recommended to wrap the ice pack moderately using a bandage to alleviate swelling and inflammation. Resting the arm above the heart level is also recommended to alleviate swelling and inflammation.

A doctor may recommend non steroidal anti inflammatory medicines. But, this does not gives you complete relief. Surgery for golfers elbow may include ossatripsy,cutting the tendon, making an incision, or removing inflamed tissue. Golfers elbow surgery may involve possible side effects like loss of blood,weakness in the arm,damage of blood vessel,a painful scar on the skin surface,infection,loss of strength,nerve damage.

Proper practice of few easily doable exercises can relieve you from golfers elbow problem permanently. Wrist extension, prayer stretch,hammering,forearm twist etc. are some of the several existing exercises for golfers elbow. However, you need to remember that if you do wrong exercise or right exercise in a wrong way your problem may intensify. It is advisable that you see an expert for an exercise plan for permanent and safe golfers elbow treatment.

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