Safe Grains for a Gluten Free Diet

If you are on a gluten free diet and enjoy cooking, here are some helpful tips that will make your daily meal preparation much easier. Let us review some of the safe choice when it comes to grains and flours.

Grains those are not safe for you include:

• Wheat: all varieties of wheat, berries, brans, flours, fermented wheat, sprouted wheat, whole grains, semolina, graham, durum, spelt, triticale kamut, faro, einkorn and emmer.

• Barley: all varieties including malted milk drinks and candy, malted vinegar, rice malt or any brown rice syrup made with rice malt and beer.

• Rye

Safe Grains for a Gluten- Free Diet

These grains are all safe to eat on a gluten free diet and are suitable to use in a gluten free substitute for bread.

• Buckwheat

• Millet

• Oats

• Corn

• Amaranth

• Quinoa

• Rice Flours

• Teff

• Sorghum

• Montina®

Safe Bean Flours

• Pea

• Romano

• Soy

• Garbanzo

• Garfava

• Fava

Safe Nut Flours

• Coconut

• Almond

• Chestnut

• Pecan

• Hazelnut

Safe Root Vegetable Starches

• Potato Flour

• Potato Starch

• Tapioca

• Arrowroot

Remember; when you are cooking for a gluten-free diet there are some foods out there that are naturally gluten-free. If you cook with these foods and make them the center of your diet you might find that cooking will be easier for you. Foods such as fresh vegetables, eggs, fresh fruit, dairy products, meat, chicken and fish and naturally gluten-free and they are healthy for you too.

Cooking gluten-free can be expensive. Try making your own breads and even some of your snack foods. If you have to buy gluten-free ingredients and food, try buying them in bulk. This can save you some money and some trips to the food store. You can also try to find some printable coupons on the internet. There are a lot of websites out there that are dedicated to gluten-free cooking and diets that have links to printable coupons.

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