Gardnerella Vaginitis: Infection of the Vagina

Recent studies revealed Gardnerella as one of the leading sexually transmitted disease. With that, many women are clamoring for new and alternative therapies in order to handle such disease. Finding the right solutions to this female predicament can be hard and confusing, and it does not help that this disease can usually occur repeatedly.

Gardnerella Vaginitis is the infection of the vagina by an anaerobic bacteria named Gardnerella vaginolis; thus the name. Nevertheless, latest research shows that other normal vaginal flora can also cause the infection. That is why, it is now known as bacterial vaginitis.Signs and symptoms of this infection may be easily recognizable. Oftentimes, women with bacterial vaginitis experienced fish like odor especially after intercourse or during menstruation. Some women with this condition have gray,yellowish or whitish vaginal secretions. On the other hand, some manifestations of bacterial vaginitis are asymptomatic and noticeable only through vaginal swab examination.

Normally, the presence of gardnerella vaginitis and other bacteria cannot cause the infection. It only results when there is rapid proliferation of the causative bacteria and the normal defense mechanism is impaired. The diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis is based on microscopic examination of the vaginal discharges, physical examination of the vagina and the ph level.

To manage the disease, clients are prescribed with metronodazole for seven days either intravaginally or orally. Clindamycin vaginal creams or ovules are also effective.In order to avoid recurrent bacterial vaginosis, it is best to practice proper hygienic care and also to use contraceptives such as condoms. Also, it is best to avoid the use of sex toys and other intravaginal devices that can act as a carrier of certain bacterias. It is also advisable to use dermatologist approved feminine wash.In addition, physicians treating patient with this kind of disease would prescribed other laboratory test to test the presence of the other STDs. It is due to the fact that bacterial vaginosis often occurs with other STDs like Candidiasis and trichomonas vaginalis.Generally, vaginitis is not a life threatening condition. Nevertheless, when left untreated, it can lead to premature labor, endometritis and recurrent urinary tract infection. So, do want you can to protect yourself.

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