Gallbladder Pain Symptoms

More and more people are suffering from gallbladder pain nowadays as a result of poor eating habits and inappropriate diet. In the US, recent studies and statistics indicate that approximately 20% of people who are over the age of 40 years suffer from this condition affecting the gall bladder. This disease has also been recorded more in people who have dangerously high levels of blood cholesterol, those with gastro intestinal diseases and those who have problems with managing their weight. The main function of the small function that is the gall bladder is to assist the liver in its many functions. Bile produced by the liver is deposited and delivered to the small intestine whenever necessary through the assistance of the gall bladder.

One of the principal functions of the gall bladder is in the digestion of fats. A fully functioning and healthy gall bladder ensures that once food containing fats enters the stomach and the small intestine, it is aptly provided with bile which is the substance behind fat digestion. One of the most common causes of gall bladder problems is gallstones. They are the root causes of gall bladder diseases. However, other causes of this pain apart from gallstones accumulation also exist. One of the most intense symptoms of this disease is the pain on the gall bladder. This pain is usually of a recidivating character and occurs right after meals.

Gallbladder pain symptoms usually intensify as a result of sudden movement or even increased physical effort. The pain attacks associated with the gall bladder have been known to last for a few hours or go on for hours on end. Consumption of foods that have lots of fatty contents has been identified as one trigger of pain of the gallbladder. Late night meals can result in bouts of pain in the night. There are cases of people suffering from acute cholecystitis which is an acute form of gallbladder disease having had to endure pain the whole night without any respite. Pin associated with gall bladder disease is usually associated with the upper part of the region and the right shoulder together with the mid back in cases of chronic pain attacks.

The blockage of the gall bladder by gallstones is not the only reason behind the pain according to several results from reputable medical research institutions around the world. Experts believe that people who are intolerant to certain types of food as well as those who are allergic to certain foods. This condition can be managed by appropriate medical attention and diet.

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