Foley Catheters and External Catheters

Foley catheters are a revolutionary type of catheter that allow for long-term patient care. External catheters like condom catheters, Texas catheters and Hollister catheters are simpler in construction and are primarily used for short term or intermittent catheterization. What are the benefits and disadvantages of each kind ?

The most common indwelling catheter is a Foley cath. This long tube has two or more lumens or eyes to allow for urine to flow out from the bladder. The second lumen is used to pump sterile water into a balloon attached to the end that is pushed into the bladder. Once inflated, this balloon keeps the catheter securely in place. Some Foley catheters have an additional lumen for pumping medication into the bladder. Because the Foley cath is multi-purpose it is a great choice for the seriously ill or patients with permanent conditions that make bladder control a problem.

An external cath is usually used for males and is a simple device that is remarkable secure and effective. A condom catheter is one of the best male catheters and is used by those with temporary incontinence issues and others with long-term problems. These caths are rolled or placed over the penis and held in place by an adhesive or strap. The urine flows out in normal fashion and is directed by the tip into an attached hose and then down into a collection bag. Many people love this type of male catheters because they are comfortable and easy to use. They allow for great mobility, too.

The other concern between Foley catheters and external catheters are health problems. Indwelling catheters can lead to bacterial growth and urinary tract infections. Male catheters used outside the body are generally safer and easier to keep clean. Each of these catheters has a best use and they both remain very popular in medical facilities throughout the world.

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