Finding Products to Help with Bad Breath

You’re on a date with someone whom you really like. You put your arm around them and lean in close. Suddenly you get a whiff of your breath when it bounces back at you and are horrified. You haven’t eaten any garlic, or tuna, and for some reason, your breath smells atrocious! This happens far too often to people and can be extremely embarrassing. What do you do when you have horrible breath and don’t know what is causing it? What are the best products to help with bad breath?

Many Problems

One problem with bad breath is that it can be very difficult to identify what is causing the breath issues. For instance, you may be someone who brushes your teeth and tongue every day, and you may still have bad breath. If you’re good at dental hygiene, then you need to look at other possibilities. For instance, you may have a post nasal drip issue that causes your breath to smell. If you’ve recently changed your diet, the change of foods could be causing you to have breath issues as well.

Some Products to Try

When you’re trying to figure out what are the best products to help with bad breath, it is a good idea to start with the simple, less expensive items. There are some types of toothpaste that can help you to treat bad breath, including toothpaste that is made using chlorine dioxide. Many are even advertised as helping you combat bad breath. Some toothpaste is created using sodium laryl sulphate, but if you have bad breath, you should avoid this type, as it can cause your breath to become even smellier.

Next, make sure you use some sort of an oral mouthwash that has chlorine dioxide in it. Gargle with it for at least a minute once or twice a day. You should also do it before you head out on your next date. For the majority of people, combining these two inexpensive methods is enough to help people combat their bad breath issues. You can also make sure that you schedule yourself for regular cleanings by your dentist and hygienist, as they will often catch dental issues that the untrained person would miss. You can also use a tongue scraper to take off the white coating that is on your tongue, helping to remove a place for bacteria to rest, and can drink a lot of water to flush out your system, which also helps with bad breath.

If these methods still aren’t enough to help you to lose your bad breath, you may want to visit your dentist and ask for a recommendation. There are a host of other products, such as finger pads and special rinses that are designed to help combat the bacteria that causes halitosis. Once you’ve gotten your bad breath under control, make sure you keep up with your oral hygiene, or you may find yourself with bad breath once again!

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