Find the Best Sun Hat for Any Face Shape

With any activities that you do under the sun, it is important that you take necessary precautions to protect yourself from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Aside from using sunblock and sun protection clothing, you should also consider wearing sun hats. A sun hat will help protect your shoulders and face from the sun’s rays.

During summer, women love wearing sundresses and men like going shirtless to flaunt their tanned bodies but most often forget to use adequate protection from the sun. Sundresses for women are usually made with flimsy materials that are open at the back and have low cut fronts. If you do not like covering up, then a sun hat can offer enough protection for your shoulders, back, and face. There are so many flattering styles to choose from but there are some basics that you should know about choosing sun hats.

Hats with broad brims offer the best protection. The brim must be at least four inches wide all around to adequately protect from your shoulders to your face. A minimum of three inches is enough to cover your entire face. Consider also your scalp; it is obviously the least protected and often forgotten part that you should shield from the sun. A scalp can also get sunburned and the best way to protect it is with a sun hat.

When choosing hat sizes, you do not have to follow exactly the size of the crown of your head. Whatever fit that is comfortable to you is fine. But if you are in a place where it is windy, a hat with cords that you can secure under your chin is favorable.

If you are planning to go swimming, look for sun hats that can float and is easily washed. There are so many hats available that you can even find one to match any of your swimwear or sundresses. The San Diego hat company is a good place to look for any kind of hats. They have sun hats for women, men, children, and babies. They also sell good quality hats that are great for accessorizing.

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