Fetal Dopplers: Hear Your Baby’s Heartbeat

A Fetal Doppler is an ultrasound device that pregnant women can use at home to listen to their baby’s heartbeat. Some women just want to hear their baby’s heartbeat. Others have had miscarriages in the past and like the reassurance of knowing that everything is ok. Either way, a Fetal Doppler is a device that allows mothers and fathers to bond with their unborn child.

In order to get a Fetal Doppler, you must have authorization from your care provider; therefore you must already be receiving pre-natal care. Although ultrasound has been found to be safe to use during pregnancy, the FDA still regulates its use. Fetal Dopplers are classified as Class II medical devices, which means that they have additional controls regulating their use.

Examples of these controls are special labeling requirement, mandatory performance standards and post-market surveillance. Because class II medical devices are held to a higher standard of control, they are more like to be safe and perform as expected. Therefore women who get Fetal Dopplers can feel more secure that their baby is safe and the device is working properly. There are several brands and varieties of Fetal Dopplers available on the market today.

Depending on the brand and features available, the price may range from the mid $100s to around $600. Most devices are also available to rent monthly, at a price range of $20 – $50 a month. There are lots of features available. One Dopper brand, Babybeat, has the ability to record sessions and burn the recording to CD for those parents who want a keepsake from the pregnancy. No matter what device or features parents choose, it’s always important to research the product.

Although many Fetal Dopplers are regulated by the FDA, not all Dopplers on the market today are. Stork Radio is one Doppler brand that advertises itself as being regulated by the FDA. Dopplers have been found to be safe for continued use during pregnancy, but it’s best to choose a product with a proven track record and positive reviews. Visit fetal dopplers and baby monitors for more information.

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