Falling Asleep, The Natural Way

There are many over the counter and prescription drugs available today that will help one who is having problems fall asleep, get the much needed sleep they need. However many people suffering from insomnia can be helped with almost side effect free natural sleep aids. The following methods can be done at home, without having to consult a doctor. Most of these herbs can be found at drug and health stores, and you should not experience any disruption in your routine.

Valerian is often used as a natural sleep aid. Even though it is unclear as to how it works, anecdotal evidence proves how well it does. Because valerian does not work immediately, it is recommended to take this herb a few hours before wishing to go to bed. This herb is mainly recommended for use by adults, and if using this herb regularly, one should not expect to experience side effects.

Avoiding caffeine is another way to help one fall asleep easier. The caffeine in coffee is known to wake drinkers up, and is known to have effects that last a while on ones body. It is recommended by several experts to avoid anything containing caffeine completely several hours before going to bed for the night. It is said that those suffering from insomnia that make this change, will find themselves drifting off to sleep much easier than usual at night.

Another natural substance that can encourage sleep and have a calming effect is warm milk. To drink warm milk, simply heat it up slightly above the temperature of the room you are in. Even though reasons are unknown as to why this is effective, it has helped numerous people fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

There are many other options available to those looking for natural sleeping aids, with out requiring a doctor’s visit. If none of the above options work there are many articles on the internet, and the advice of a person working at a natural store tends to be very helpful.

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