Facts On Curing Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, as anyone who has ever had them will tell you, can be a real bummer. Curing hemorrhoids may be better described as curing the symptoms of them while focusing on preventive treatment. Hemorrhoids are a rectal condition caused by a variety of factors, most having to do with lifestyle habits such as exercise, nutrition and bowel movement irregularity.

There are two main types of this condition, Internal and external. While related, the symptoms and treatments are not the same. For instance, severe pain is not usually associated with internal hemorrhoids, while the same could not be said for their external cousins. Though usually painless, internal situations can lead to severe cases that could require surgery.

The problem with anything that offers no alarm is the inability to detect it. Many people who have internal hemorrhoids are not aware of it. Usually, they are spotted when the hemorrhoid within the rectum is aggravated and causes bleeding. This is why rectal examinations are suggested regularly. Risks can be minimized by maintain a proper diet with increased fiber intake and exercising often. The exercise does not have to be extreme, as walking is both an acceptable and recommended form. These changes along with nutrition show promise in the area of natural cures for hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids are painful and can be dangerous if they develop into a thrombosis hemorrhoid, meaning when a vein bursts causing a clot. Hemorrhoids are generally not cancerous, and procedure success rates for their removal are assuring. One removal process is rubber band ligation, and involves using a band to strangle the hemorrhoid, cutting off its blood flow, turning it necrotic and then removing it. Topical solutions may seem like hemorrhoid cures due to their effectiveness in relieving symptoms like pain and itching, they are short term, and long term use is discouraged.

So, hemorrhoids should be taken seriously. When discovered or perhaps even before, people should make sure to eat a high fiber diet and exercise to reduce their risk. Preventive treatment is effective and surgical procedures are highly successful. The ease and process hemorrhoids cures depends on both severity and type, and would be best diagnosed by a doctor.

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