Common Methods of facial hair removal

There are several methods of hair removal. In this article I will describe the procedure of laser hair removal and waxing. Both are excellent methods of facial hair removal.

1. The treatment of laser hair removal.

2. Waxing

There are many advantages and disadvantages for  each method.

Safe methods of permanent hair removal:

The reputation of laser hair removal increases day by day. Hair removal is performed by concentrating the lasers on the skin. The laser is attracted to the color of the hair follicle causing it to be heated and burns away the roots of the hair. If the hair color is dark, the results will be better than when you have a lighter skin.  Luckily the new advances in laser technology eliminates this disadvantage. However for the best results there should be relatively a little difference between the color of the hair and the skin.

Advantages and Disadvantages of laser hair removal:

The biggest advantage in using  laser hair removal is that your hair from different parts of the body except the areas near the eyes can be removed. Another advantage in using the laser hair removal is that there are no real side effects except redness and  mild inflammation. There are also more treatments necessary to accomplish permanent hair removal.
Waxing the hair, Cheap and Popular:
Waxing the hair is a cheap and popular method of unwanted hair removal from  armpits, face, bikini, legs and other parts of the body. The hair will be gone for three to eight weeks after  treatment.

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