Explaining The Way A Heat Pad Works

Heat pads can be used to stimulate the blood circulation to increase and therefore bring more oxygen around in the blood. This is a method used if you want to speed of the healing process of an injury or trying to get your tense muscles to relax. The most widely known of the different heat pads you can find on today’s market is the hot water bottle

Beside for the hot water bottle, heat pads can also be chemical. A chemical heat pad works by a chemical reaction that happens to the chemicals inside the heat pad. These pads are often one time usage pads, as it is known chemical reactions can only happen once unless there is added a new catalyst.

Another known type of heating pad is the electrical version. It is often made in a study but still flexible fabric or material, inside there is an incorporated heating element which will start heating up to the desired temperature set on the thermostat. Of cause it needs electricity to function but it is certainly the most flexible and adaptable heat pad which can be controlled to your specific needs.

The last option to be mentioned here is the microwaveable type of heat pad. They can easy be homemade from a good strong fabric as outer material sewn into the shape of desire or need, this bag will then be filled with a substance such as; barley, wheat or rice. Then they work by putting them into the microwave for 2-3 minutes depending on the substance. These homemade heat pads should be watched during the heat up process

Each different heat pad have different safety precautions you should be aware of before you start using them, therefore it is recommended that you read through the instructions carefully before usage. Seen with a medical view the electrical ones are proved safer, but in general all heat pads for home usage are safe.

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