Experiences During Hypnosis

Hypnosis or hypnotism has history dating back to at least 200 years; we have been trying various forms of hypnotism over ages to achieve certain levels in hypnotism. There have been a number of scientific studies which have laid down certain principles in hypnotism but there no substantial proof on why a person who is hypnotized behaves in a particular manner. This is a part of a much bigger question though; we need to first probe into how the human mind actually works? Psychology explains some big questions relating to hypnotism and hypnosis.

The theories of hypnosis are applied and made use of from time to time by the psychologists in order to treat patients.  One goes through a state of daze, where he is exceptionally relaxed and experiences heightened imagination. This state is nowhere close to ‘a sleep’ as the subject is fully aware of what is being told him and follows instructions quite religiously. It is referred to people as ‘losing yourself’ but, the subject is well awake and in control of himself. In a conventional form of hypnosis, the subject approaches the indications of the hypnotist as if those were real. For example, if the hypnotist suggests that you are tasting lemon while you bite on an apple you feel your mouth filled with the lemon’s sour taste.

When the hypnotic says that you are drinking chocolate milkshake, you would feel your mouth to be filled with the taste of milkshake and the mouth will feel the cool sensation. What ever is the suggestion made by the hypnotist when you are in the hypnotized state you tend to feel the same. Although you listen intently to what is told and experience what is been told, you still are very much aware that it is just an imagination and not reality.

When the hypnotist is hypnotizing you to do certain things, you are well aware of the surroundings as well as the instructions. You follow the instructions and pretend to do what is being told at an intensive level.
During this kind of a session the subject feels incredibly relaxed and uninhibited. This happens because we keep away all the worries and thought process is free from any doubts, allowing us to stay relaxed. This is quite similar to a state when you are watching a very interesting movie, you tend to forget your worries from the job etc. and get engrossed in the subject of the movie.

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