Elbow Injuries: Tennis Elbow

If you are to ask a hundred manual laborers regarding what is the most difficult part of their job is, ninety-nine percent of them are sure to give you the same answer and that is dealing with their elbow pains! Such pain is typically referred to as tennis elbow and it usually results from repetitive movements of the arm or in some rare cases, traumatic incidents or accidents.

Restrictive arm movements, inability to extend or flex the arm, swelling and/or bruising along the elbow joint, forearm or wrist and local heat are just some of the common tennis elbow symptoms. This is a very scary condition since if it is left untreated it can turn into a truly serious complication.

If you are plagued by this tendonitis, here is a list of the elbow pain treatments for you to consider.

1.) Rest – Resting your injured arm is actually plain commonsense. It is the easiest tennis elbow treatment and will help lessen the swelling and can also reduce the pain. In line with that, heat and ice therapy can also eliminate the inflammation as well as the soreness.

2.) Splints – The use of splints is highly advised by many practitioners. This will prevent your injured arm from twisting and any jerking movements. However, you need to be wary of how long you make use of splints since immobilizing the arm for long periods of time will result in the stiffening of the joints.

3.) Stretching – Light and gentle stretching techniques can relieve you from the pain. Confer with a physical therapist regarding such exercises.

4.) Medications – Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are typically prescribed by doctors to limit the inflammation and to soothe the pain.

5.) Cortisone Shots – If in case, all of the above solutions somehow fail, cortisone shots is recommended by medical practitioners to bring down the swelling and ease the pain.

6.) Surgery – In line with cortisone injections, surgery is also advised in order to repair the damage incurred by your tendons and ligaments.

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