Eating Healthy: A Look at the Major Food Groups

You are probably familiar with the Food Guide Pyramid which has been the major source of identifying specific food groups.  This pyramid also served as a guideline on healthy foods that you should eat.

The traditional food pyramid however is being challenged by the Harvard School of Public Health.  The prestigious institution has been advocating a new kind of nutrition for healthy eating based on its own version of food pyramid called The Healthy Eating Pyramid.  So here’s a quick look on the new major food groups based on the Healthy Eating Pyramid.

At the bottom of the pyramid are whole grains, healthy fats and oils, vegetables and fruits.  Because they occupy a large part of the food pyramid, it means you have to consume more of these foods in your daily diet.

Whole grains consist of whole-wheat breads, oatmeal, and brown rice: these are your major sources of carbohydrates for energy.  Fats should be unsaturated like olive, soy, or vegetable oils.  The food pyramid encourages you also to consume more vegetables and fruits to get more fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Nuts, seeds, poultry, fish and eggs belong to the next group.  These food groups will provide the needed protein for your body.  Sea foods, specifically fish, are good for the heart because of their Omega 3 content. Chicken, turkey and eggs on the other hand are protein rich but low on fats.

The next grouping in the pyramid is dairy food.  Dairy foods include milk and cheese which are sources of calcium.  If you are lactose intolerant, then you can take calcium or Vitamin D supplements instead.

Butter and red meat are on top of the healthy eating pyramid.  This means you have to consume them sparingly.  That is because read meat and butter are rich in unsaturated.  Uncontrolled consumption of red meat can also increase your risk of developing cancer of the colon.  Take note however that red meat is rich in protein which is needed also by your body.

You can plan your daily diet properly if you know the major food groups and the top healthy foods from each.  Good nutrition will keep you healthy.  You can also effectively prevent diseases if you follow the recommendations of healthy eating food pyramid.

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