Easy TMJ Pain Relief Methods

The temporomandibular joint is the joint where the lower jaw or the mandible connects to the skull on either side of the head. It is the most often used joint in the body as it facilitates a range of actions from biting to yawning. TMJ is often used to refer to disorders related to that region due to stress on the joint. A person suffering from TMJ pain or discomfort should seek medical attention for TMJ relief.

There are many causes of TMJ disorders such as a bad bite, stress or tooth grinding, poor posture, arthritis, fractures, etc. All these will cause jaw pain, ear ache and headache and reduced play of the mouth to either open or close. Other symptoms include difficulty while biting, grating, chewing and clicking sound at the close or opening of the mouth. Home TMJ relief measures can be taken but if there is severe TMJ pain proper medication should be sought.

Applying hot or cold pack on the jaw region would increase the flow of blood thereby giving you immediate relief. You can also stop gnashing your teeth and limit yawning, chewing gum or singing as these habits tend to increase the disorder. You can support your jaw by mouth guard or massage the affected region to ease the discomfort. Eating softer food, liquids or semi-liquids will also assist to ease TMJ pain.

The most common TMJ pain relief method is achieved through prescription of painkillers such as ibuprofen and aspirin. Exercises such as slowly opening and closing the jaw, gentle side to side movements also helps to alleviate the TMJ pain. TMJ disorders resulting from dental problems can be treated through correction of tooth structure, alignment and tooth implants. Fluid around the joint can be drained or the entire joint replaced in extreme cases to relieve the pressure.

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