Easily Preventing Constipation

For those of you out there reading this post who suffer from chronic or severe constipation, you know how truly painful and frustrating being backed up can be. Constipation is most commonly caused by overly dry, hardened or rigid feces. This is usually do to a diet that lacks the proper amount of fiber.

A fiber rich diet combined with a healthy water intake and hearty amounts of exercise will help you stay happy, healthy and regular. On the other hand a diet that consists of mostly fatty and unhealthy foods can lead to bowel movements that are less than regular and in some cases painful. In order to truly change your life and ensure that your bowel movements are both painless and occur on a regular basis, your best bet is to eat properly.

Although, altering your diet will ultimately aid in regulating your bowel movements, it may take time for your body to recover from its current state. There is a way that you can assure that you will expel waste easily while you wait for your body to become accustomed to your new healthier eating habits. One of the most common and effective constipation remedies are stool softeners.

Stool softeners moisten fecal matter in order to help the body expel it. It’s quite simple, the softer and more moist your stool is, the quicker it will pass through your body. In addition to assisting your body in relieving its waste, a natural stool softener can also make your bowel movements much less painful. Most stool softeners are over the counter medications and can be purchased at your local pharmacy or grocery store.

Although, stool softeners are a great way to temporarily relieve constipation, it is important to remember that if you want to permanently alleviate constipation, you will need to make a few minor lifestyle change, the most important of which will be altering your eating habits.

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