Does Swimming Make you Taller?

A person’s height is somehow pre-determined by his or her genes. However, genes alone do not completely dictate the height that he or she will fully reach. Oftentimes, what a person needs in order to grow taller is a mixture of specific hormones and proper diet combined with a healthy lifestyle. The environment is an important factor too because stress can keep one from growing. So for those not fortunate enough in terms of height, ways to be taller are yearned for. People have decided between conventional and natural ways to increase their height; pills, surgery and exercises have all been considered. Though some people have connected one particular work-out with height increase and that is swimming. But is it true? Does swimming make you taller?

In certain studies, there were particular exercises observed to help a person grow taller. These stretching exercises involved movements that targeted the areas of the body that influence a person’s height. And from these exercises were movements that had forms similar with when a person is swimming. Most of these stretching exercises utilized the body motions of a person swimming and in a way, indicated that swimming actually works out the right muscle group involved in height growth.

Swimming enables an increase in the level of human growth hormone in the body. With swimming and the help of lactate and nitric oxide, exercise-induced growth hormones are produced thereby promoting height gain. Before swimming, a 10-minute high intensity stretching exercise is needed to warm up the body and to provide more chances of height gain.

Swimming also aids in the increase of the body’s energy level and breathing capacity. Swimming exercises the back, chest, shoulders, and legs of a person. With this, swimming promotes the broadening of torso, and increases spine length. This is why swimmers typically have a slim body and broad shoulder, along with a tall posture. Muscles throughout the body are definitely stretched through swimming exercise.

Knowing that swimming aids in height gain, people are also more eager to know which swimming styles have the proper stretching method that are perfect for growth. The truth is, any swimming style will aid in the increase in height. However, there are particularly two swimming styles that would definitely help and give more chances for increasing a person’s height. The first style is breast stroke. This stroke involves the kicking of legs to the back and the stretching of arms toward the front. This specific movement helps in increasing specifically the spine, and also aids in the lengthening other body parts. The second style is free style and it involves strokes that require stretching done to the maximum. Flexibility and height are increased with this kind of stroke.

When one plans to increase his or her height through swimming, he or she must remember that height gain does not happen overnight. In order to notice the benefits of swimming, time and regular practice are required. So if a person is really serious about getting taller through swimming, then it’s best to have rigorous swim training like other professional swimmers instead of just taking a leisurely swim. This training involves a higher intensity workout and so it promotes a greater production of human growth hormones.

Taking a swim will definitely keep a person in shape aside from increasing his or her height. It is an effective exercise that promotes a healthy lifestyle through the benefits it provides. So if one wants to be taller than he or she already is, swimming is a naturally great and effective choice.

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