Does It Hurt when Your Hymen Breaks?

People are now becoming more open in discussing about sex and other sexual issues. Men and women, boys and girls are now more curious about sex. But one of the things that bother many young women is the pain of losing one’s virginity. It is still a cause of worry and fear to many young women who are about to have their first intercourse. And one question frequently asked by many is “Does it hurt when your hymen breaks?”

Everyone has their own opinions regarding the pain of having your first sexual intercourse. And rating how painful it is when your hymen breaks can be confusing and even useless. Everyone has different pain tolerance levels. Some things that may be extremely painful for one person may only be as painful as an insect bite to another. And sometimes, one may only feel a slight sting or nothing at all. Pain is dependent on the person.

Does it Hurt or Not?

However, most women say that it does hurt when your hymen breaks. Your hymen, after all, is a part of your body and as it is stretched our place under pressure it will hurt, just like the other body parts. To better understand how or why it hurts when your hymen breaks, one should understand first the anatomy of the female genitalia.

What is the Hymen?

The hymen is not exactly a piece of flesh that gets broken or torn. It is a membrane that partially covers the opening of the vagina. The hymen does not cover the entire vaginal opening for the menstrual fluid or period to pass through. And as you have your first sexual intercourse, it can get stretched, leaving a wider opening, or even torn.

The hymen may also be stretched even before you start having sexual intercourse. Sports and other physical activities can lead to getting your hymen stretched. Masturbation and the use of tampons are other things that could, in a way, break your hymen. And this could make it less painful when you get intimate with someone. The bleeding may also be lessened compared to someone who has an intact hymen.

Other Reasons why your “first time” might be Painful

The pain you feel when your hymen breaks may also be amplified by other factors. Being nervous is one. When you feel that you are not yet ready to have sex, your body tends to tighten. Your muscles contract and you have spasms. This can make the penetration more difficult and the whole experience more painful. And this is why many people suggest that you should have sex with someone you really love and care about and feels the same way toward you. Because if your partner really loves you, he would be gentle and none of the rough sex that could make you hurt more. With this in mind, the pain becomes more bearable and even pleasurable.

You should also take note that getting your hymen broken does not entirely mean that you lose your virginity. As stated earlier, it could simply be because of your other activities, like sports. Also, the pain and bleeding when your hymen breaks may still come back even after your second or a few more times during sexual intercourse.

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