Does It Hurt to Get Your Tongue Pierced?

Many think that getting your tongue pierced is a cool thing. Sometimes we just get the urge to do something rebellious, something that will make other people go mad or look disgusted. But whatever your reason is for wanting to get your tongue pierced, you must be wondering how it is done and how it is afterward. And of course, we all ask, does it hurt to get your tongue pierced?

Most people say that the actual piercing does not hurt. Because everything happens so fast, you will barely feel the needle going through your tongue. It’s the aftermath that you should be worrying about. Once the tongue starts to heal, you will be able to feel the pain. Your tongue gets swollen and you wouldn’t be able to eat, drink, talk, or do anything with your mouth properly for a few days, about 3 to 10 days.

Other people say that it’s the clamp that you should be worried about. My cousin had his tongue pierced a long time ago and he said that the clamp was actually the one that hurt as it holds and pulls out the tongue. And as the needle goes through, you can’t feel it anymore because of the clamp.

There are still some people who say that getting your tongue pierced hurts. It does not hurt as bad as you would think it would, but you could still feel a slight twinge. While there are still a few people who admit that getting your tongue pierced hurts a lot.

Pain is something dependent on the person. Some people can handle pain really well and don’t feel anything once the needle is pushed into your tongue. Others are less able to manage pain and may feel it hurting. So I guess the answer would be it depends on you. If you have a high tolerance for pain, then it wouldn’t hurt and the following days would be bearable. If you really have a low tolerance for pain, then you need to think again about getting your tongue pierced.

You should be really careful when getting your tongue pierced. You might be able to handle the pain of the clamp pulling on your tongue or the needle piercing through but if it is not done the proper way, you may get an infection. So only get your tongue pierced by a professional. Also, be sure to gargle with mouthwash to clean up your mouth since you won’t be able to brush your teeth properly. You don’t want a simple piercing get complicated.

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