Does It Hurt to Get Your Belly Button Pierced?

Body piercing may mean differently among societies. For many, it is an accepted way of accessorizing one’s self. The most common accessory or jewelry for a piercing is the earring. However, there is another kind of piercing accessory that is in demand, the belly button ring. Yes, there are people who get their belly buttons pierced. And a lot more are trying to build the guts for having theirs pierced. What’s keeping them from doing it is the fear of experiencing extreme pain. But does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?

People have different levels of tolerance for pain. What may seem nothing to a person could be very painful for another. But as for piercing the belly buttons, a lot of people were surprised to know that it doesn’t hurt as much as what was imagined. What was felt from the act of piercing was just a tiny jab similar to that of an ear piercing. There is usually just a small amount of pain coming from a sharp point, which is the needle, and it only lasts for seconds.

Other belly button piercings are more painful than the one mentioned above if a clamp is involved. The clamp is what pinches and stretches the skin before the piercing of the needle. Pain is more pronounced with the pinching and stretching of skin, and this overshadows the tiny pain that comes from the needle. So if you want to feel safer and more secure with less pain, go to piercing shops that don’t use any clamps.

Getting your belly button pierced is actually not as painful as the healing process of your navel. And the pain you will feel while your navel heals is just a tiny sore that is simply more of a discomfort. Pain is only evident if there is an infection, and infections could be the result of piercing that wasn’t sterile or of unclean maintenance of the wound. Other than that, if there is proper management of the whole piercing process, any complications could be avoided and so is pain.

To keep your belly button piercing experience as painless as possible, remember to go to professionals only who use sterile equipments inside clean piercing shops. They should be the ones to give you the kind of jewelry that is fit for your body and it is also their job to tell you how to clean and take care of the piercing.

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