Do you have a sleeping disorder?

Ever since the first people inhabited this world our sleeping habits have and always will be controlled by nature. We sleep at night, or at least that is the plan. Now that we have a wonderful thing called electricity we can create artificial light anytime that we want. Before electricity people got an average of seven to eight hours of sleep every 24 hour period. Now that number has changed we are sleeping less. On average we are logging anywhere from five to seven hours per night. Now that we are functioning on less sleep studies show that our immune system isn’t at its full strength.

This lack of sleep is considered sleep deprivation and is due to not getting the quality sleep that our bodies need to rebuild after a previous days activities.

Getting quality sleep is a huge problem for many of us. We all have things that deter us from getting the sleep we need, such as stress, long hours, and not enough time in a day to take care of the things we are responsible for.

So what does a normal sleep cycle consist of you ask? Studies show that people with “normal” sleeping habits can go to sleep within ten to fifteen minutes of laying down. You should sleep a continuous eight hours without interruption and have went through the different cycles of sleep.

Sleeping problems can be disastrous to our health . Short term problems can include pain in joints, migraines, tiredness… duh , and even gaining of access weight. Long term effects are a bit more serious such as deep depression, being overweight, immune deficiency, ulcers, and fluctuating hormones.
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