Do we Dream in Color?

It is safe to say that all of us have already experienced dreaming while we were sleeping at night. Dreams are actually very bizarre activities of our mind. A dream is defined as a series of images, ideas, emotions and as well as sensations that are happening involuntarily in the mind of a person during certain stages or phases of sleep. There are also different types of dreams. Some can be fun and exciting while others can show images or scenes that are disturbing or frightening, which are usually referred to as nightmares. However, many people still wonder whether dreams come in color. Below is a short description about dreams that we help us answer the question; do we dream in color?

All about Dreams

Since dreams can happen to anyone, a lot of us can actually agree that they come in different types and picture. Research has show that 70 to 80 percent of our dreams are actually colored or contain color. This is actually not surprising at all since most us can relate dreams to something that is similar to what we see in the actual world or in reality. And as we all know, the world around us does not come in black and white. So whenever we dream of plants, then we can always see or depict them as color green in our dreams. The same goes with the blue sky, the red roses and/or the brown soil. These things give sense to seeing color to appear in our dreams.

Before, many people believe that all dreams are only in black and white. This was believed during the middle of the 20th century where Freud’s research people have supported the idea of black and white dreams. However, many people these days have already reported dreams to have color. This contradicts the original conclusion developed by some dream experts. However, the black and white dreams experienced by people before were attributed to the influence of black and white media images of that time. Since images shown in the TV are black and white, most dreams are reflected to these types of pictures or scenarios. Nevertheless, dreams can always be experienced in many different ways. These days, some people can still experienced dreams in black and white while others usually have colored images in their dreams.

The Cause of Color

In addition to the facts mentioned above, color in our dreams can also be revealed or shown in many different types. Some images can be completely in one color while other can see dreams that are similar to the world we have in reality, which is multi-colored. However, experts say that whenever people dream of black and white images, it is more often a matter of recall than anything else. Dream color appears to be symbolic of the emotional state that conjured up the images in the dream.

These are just some facts with regards to the color of our dreams and as well as the factors that can cause the outcome of these images.

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