Do Pregnant Women Have Discharge?

When women get pregnant, their bodies undergo a lot of changes in order to accommodate another human body. There is an increase in the amount of hormones produced. Eating habits change. Weight increases. These are just among the many changes that a woman’s body undergoes throughout the period of pregnancy.

Sometimes all of these changes and the things you expect to change can be very confusing. When you experience something that most women do not, or when you don’t experience something that other women usually do, you tend to question if there is anything wrong. One question that runs the mind of many soon-to-be mothers is “Do pregnant women have discharge?” Are women supposed to have discharge when they’re pregnant? Is this completely normal?

The answer is yes. Having vaginal discharge during your pregnancy is completely normal. Women usual discharge more when they are pregnant than when they’re not. This is called leukorrhea. The increased amount of discharge should not bother you as this is the result of an increase in the production of estrogen. Greater blood flow in the vaginal area is also a factor that contributes to the discharge.

However, you should be watchful of the color and the consistency of the discharge. The appearance of the normal discharge should be whitish in color. Normal vaginal discharge is thin, milky, and mild smelling or even odorless. The discharge may also appear mucus-like, similar to when you are having a runny nose. The discharge may also be thick as you may expel it in one gelatinous blob very early into your pregnancy. This may also be tinged with a little bit of blood.

If the color of the discharge is yellowish or a bit green, then you may be having some sort of infection. Especially if it is foul-smelling and is accompanied by itching or redness, then you most likely have a vaginal infection. It may be a yeast infection or, worse, an STD. So it is very important that you visit your doctor and tell them about the discharge regardless of whether it qualifies into the normal discharge. It is better safe than sorry.

When you do have discharge, don’t use tampons as these can only introduce new germs into your vagina, so use panty liners instead. Don’t douche as this interrupts the normal balance of your vagina and make matters worse. And never assume what vaginal infection it is and self-medicate. Visit your doctor regularly and update him or her of whatever changes in your discharge.

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