Do Height Increasing Supplements Really Work?

Height matters. We are very much familiar with the advantages of being tall. We want to be among those tall and beautiful people. There are various fields where being tall is necessary. In sports, being tall is a great advantage. And so we result to various methods to make us grow taller. Luckily, there are various supplements that promote growth. But do height increasing supplements really work ?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Growth hormone, or GH, is a protein-based hormone. It is the hormone responsible for stimulating the growth and reproduction of cells. It also stimulates regeneration in humans and other animals.

HGH, or the growth hormones in humans, is the growth hormone made naturally by the body. This is termed as Somatotropin. There is also a synthetically produced HGH made through recombinant DNA technology and is called Somatropin. And this growth hormone has been prescribed to treat growth disorders in children and growth hormone deficiency in adults. Recently, GH has also been prescribed by doctors to treat older patients with GH-deficiency to increase their vitality.

And this human growth hormone is the target of height increasing supplements.

Height increasing supplements

There are various types of height increasing supplements available. Below are some of the most popular height increasing supplements:
HGH Spray. HGH spray is not an effective supplement. There is no scientific proof that HGH spray helps make you grow taller. It also fails to meet the standard dosage of HGH.

Human Growth Hormone Injection. HGH injection requires a prescription from your doctor. And just like most drugs treatments, come with a price. This treatment to increase height requires you to get 3 shots each day, costing to about $60 per day. Side effects may also arise. However, this treatment for increasing height actually works. HGH injections work by injecting the hormone itself into your body. The hormone used in HGH injections is synthetic or recombinant called Somtropin.

Herbal HGH Supplements. These supplements are made from natural ingredients. They are said to increase the production of the growth hormones in our body. It also aids in the release of the hormone. Latest studies show that if the supplements are made in the right mixture of herbs, these supplements can be effective in the production and release of the HGH. Thus, promoting growth.

Calcium Supplements. We are all very well aware of the effects of calcium in out body. Calcium is highly needed for the development of strong bones. Poor posture can be a hurdle in achieving maximum height. And calcium can help you with your posture by strengthening your bones. And so, calcium can help make you grow taller.

Protein Supplements. Protein is needed for the overall growth of the body. Our bodies also need essential amino acids. These essential amino acids help strengthen ligaments, muscles, and tissues and are needed for our growth. But these amino acids are not readily produced by our body, which is why we need to include protein-rich foods in our diet. Protein supplements have a high amount of the essential amino acids for growth.

These height increasing supplements can work very well if taken along with the right height increasing exercises and appropriate nutrition programs. However, not all of the supplements may work. There are certain people who may not respond as wanted to height increasing supplements. People have different lifestyles and different genetic makeup. And these affect your growth. Even when taking supplements, you may still not grow taller. So consult your doctor on what supplements you should take is you want to grow taller. Your doctor may also provide you with a program to follow.

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