Diversify Your Workout With Body Solid Fitness Equipment

Among the many types of equipment that it provides, Body Solid is a supplier of several popular freeweight systems, perfect for anyone desiring a more versatile workout.  These usually employ a stack of weights that can be controlled by the user via a pin assembly that enables him to adjust how much weight he is lifting.  An exceptional option for conditioning the upper body is the Fusion Weight-Assisted Dip and Pull-Up Station.  The Fusion personal Trainer Gym boasts Dura-Firm pads to help to reduce the discomfort and the fatigue normally associated with the training.  An option for the lower body is their Leg and Calf Press Machine. It’s double-beam design reduces stress to the ankles, while the pivoting press plate provides more versatility in the workout.

Leg training combined with aerobic exercise is the perfect recipe for stationary bikes, which give a great strenuous workout with low impact to joints. Body Solid has its own brand of aerobic machine – Endurance – which offers both recumbent and upright bikes. Upright bikes more closely mimic the posture of street bicycles, while the recumbent bikes put the user in a reclined position, working different muscles and, because of their non-weight-bearing, nature allow users a longer, more effective, workout.

Endurance offers many different treadmills, the most popular probably being the Endurance TF3I Folding Treadmill, an economical and convenient option. Featuring electronic programs and a high-quality build, the TF3I offers a superior workout with the excellent bonus of being able to fold up the running space to fit into any space when not in use.

Endurance offers 6 different elliptical trainers. The E5 Electronic Elliptical gives fifteen levels of magnetic resistance with arm strides and naturally rotating foot pedals, while still offering a compact shape and size as a home-gym option. Ellipticals are an excellent option for anyone just starting to workout because of the low-impact nature of the workout and the safety of the system.

All of the Body Solid exercise equipment, from sit up benches to weight training systems, is supported with a lifetime warranty and superior quality and design. Just as with any physical activity, make sure you get approval from your physician before starting any program.

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