Diets for Men

This wonderful fruit is commonly known as Japanese or Asian Persimmon, only persimmon or, more nicely: Kaki. It comes from China, but it is now also cultivated in California and Southern Europe.
Even if you do not live in any of these places, it is worth looking for it in your local supermarket. If you find it, buy it, bring it home and taste it. If you like it you have just got yourself the best help in your diet, and if you are a guy, it is more than just a help, it is the genie in the bottle.
Kaki is a magic fruit, good for everyone, but especially diets for men can have tremendous benefits from it.
Here is a list of eight good reasons.

1. They are great antioxidant food. After an intense workout at the gym eat one kaki, its antioxidants, especially beta-cryptoxanthin, will block the effect of free radicals on your muscles and tendons.

2. They are rich in arginine, an amino-acid which helps the body build muscles, and keep the blood pressure under control.

3. They protect the prostate. Again, the antioxidants come to the rescue, under the form of beta-carotene, carotene, retinol, of which kakis are an invaluable source.

4. Only 120 average per fruit. Less than an energy bar and with more polyphenoles and antioxidants

5. High content of A vitamin. One single kaki gives 55% of A vitamin RDA.

6. Great against hangover. If you are planning a happy hour bring bag of dried kakis with you as a snack. Kakis can reduce alcohol concentration in the blood up to 20%.

7. Your heart will be safer. Antioxidants again, this time they are called carotenoids, which give the orange color and help reduce cardiac ischemia.

8. Other miscellaneous good things. Kakis are also rich in C vitamin, potassium, and only 0.4% of fat. It can also work as laxative and diuretic.

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