Diagnosing Diabetic Symptoms Early

Diabetes is a condition that is as a result of high blood glucose levels that result from inability of the body to be able to cope with sugar. Insulin which is a hormone that is responsible for controlling the level of sugar in the human’s body. Diabetes is usually caused by insufficient production of this particular hormone or in other terms the human being less sensitive to prevailing amounts in their body systems. Diagnosing diabetes is done by a qualified medical doctor in order to find the diabetes remedy. High glucose levels are responsible for the symptoms and many of the complications of diabetes.

There are several symptoms that will help you in diagnosing diabetes and these will include tiredness, excessive thirst, thrush or genital itching, frequent urination especially at night, weight loss despite having a good appetite, blurred vision, tingling and numbness on the hands and feet. These symptoms are common in many people so it is necessary to do additional tests in order to establish what is going on. If you feel you have any of these symptoms and they happen on a regular basis it is necessary to consult your doctor who should discuss the testing with you because the earlier diabetes is discovered the easier the diabetes remedy.

Diabetes can be diagnosed by demonstrating a high sugar concentration in the blood. The fasting blood sample should be taken and in some cases you will also need to undergo a glucose tolerance test. The urine can also be tested for diabetes but a positive test is not diagnostic of diabetes. To confirm the diagnosis it will require a laboratory blood glucose test. There are however some people who are at a higher risk of developing diabetes than others and these will include the elderly, the overweight, those with high blood pressure, those with high cholesterol, those that have a family history of diabetes as well as those that have a personal history of heart attack, angina or stroke. These people will each require a different diabetes remedy depending on how soon they found out they had diabetes.

A blood sample from your arm will give you the most accurate results when diagnosing diabetes. Diabetes remedy can be in various forms that will include controlling their diet. This remedy is practical and sustainable. Another remedy is to exercise your body. Those diets that are those that are capable of promising a change in lifestyle which is achievable and this should be in that it doesn’t leave you in bad mood and also doesn’t leave you constantly craving for food. In order to attain this remedy you need a meal program which allows you to enjoy your favorite foods and at the same time control the blood sugars.

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