Depression Symptoms and How You are Affected

All of us, regardless of gender, race or age, at some point will feel certain pangs of depression. It is how we cope that can define our strength. However, when these feelings of an emotional slump, or being weighed down in sorrow or as if being incapacitated by numbness could lead to something far worse than we imagine. These signs can turn into a disorder of the mind and may actually be depression symptoms.

This degenerative malady negatively impacts one’s functioning rational thinking, from the simple and mundane task of going to sleep and waking up in the morning could be completely exhausting to someone who is depressed. To create a better and clear cut distinction to identifying the indications of depression, it has been categorized to Physical, Emotional and Mental Indicators.

The Physical or Bodily Signs of Depression are often evidenced by unreasonable fatigue or weariness, exhaustion, numbness, and even soreness. One’s sleep as well as appetite are also affected, when one fluctuates from binging to no appetite at all or from oversleeping to sleepless nights, one could be experiencing some of the indicators of depression.

Emotional changes may also be symptoms of this disorder. Most people undergoing depressive disorders go through an emotional see saw of sorts and most negative emotions comes into play. Sadness, sorrow and becoming miserable are some of the early manifestations. This would then be followed by an engulfing feeling of being overpowered by the simplest of tasks like cleaning, cooking or even getting out of bed. A depressed person is always agitated, irritable and overly sensitive. As one’s depression takes hold of him, one is overcome with despair, disappointment and degradation.

As this disorder primarily targets the brain, one’s cognitive function is greatly compromised. In a depressed st ate, the individual becomes incapable of making rational judgments.

Manifesting more than one sign from these different categories, over a prolonged period of time, can mean that you are already facing depression. Acknowledging and accepting these depression symptoms leads to a better understanding of this disorder and what an individual under this condition experiences on a regular basis. The good news is that it curable especially on its early stages, if you or someone you know has fallen into depression, immediately seek professional assistance. Do not try to self medicate, each person’s depression must thoroughly be analyzed and each may happen in varying degrees and as such needs different kinds of treatments or medications.

Do not be ashamed to seek help as this is the best and only way to rid yourself of depression.

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