Cure Tennis Elbow by Home Treatment

Tennis elbow is  a damage of the tendons connecting your forearm muscles to the epicondyle in your elbow. Home remedy consting of the so called R.I.C.E technique and exercises have proven to be very effective in rehabilitating these affected muscles and tendons.

R. I. C. E consists of rest, ice, elevation and rest. You need to avoid activities involving extensive use of your wrist and forearm. Keep your elbow at rest as much as possible. Apply ice using an ice pack regularly. It can reduce your swelling to a great extent. ‘Compression’ technique involves wrapping the damaged area using a bandage and keeping it under mild compression.  Try to keep your elbow elevated above your heart level. Compression and elevation are very effective in controlling inflammation. If the problem is very mild and at the early stage, only R.I.C.E can give you fast relief.

Tennis elbow exercises aim to rehabilitate and strengthen your muscle and tendon. Most of these exercises can be done easily at home. Wrist extension, hammering, forearm twist etc. are some of such exercises. To give you a basic about the type of these exercises, I would discuss wrist extension and hammering briefly.

To do wrist extension, keep your arm straight and bend your wrist down. Make sure that your forearm does not move and your palm remains straight. You can take the help of your other hand for your wrist movement if needed. Hold your wrist at this position for around 10 to 20 seconds. Bring your wrist back to the initial configuration. Now bring your wrist up and hold for 10 to 20 seconds. Again bring it back to the initial configuration.

Hammering is similar to wrist extension. The only difference is that, in hammer ing you hold a hammer at its top and bend your wrist.

I would highly recommend you follow an expert guidance to practice these exercises for a safe and permanent tennis elbow treatment.

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