Creatine And Muscle Building

Pumping iron is no longer fun when you have not seen results for a long time. You may feel that your body is no longer rock solid and you may even observe that your triceps are starting to sag. The best way to keep or maintain a “ripped” body is to take the best supplements like the Body Fortress Creatine. This food supplement is rich in pure protein that can considerably and quickly add more bulk to your frame. It may take less than a month for you to see impressive results and the best part is you will not even have to change your exercise regimen. Just keep on doing your usual routine and add the creatine formula to your diet.

After a few months of nonstop workouts whether it be an aerobic or cardio exercise or weight lifting, your body will peak and then after that weight loss or muscle development takes place at a glacial pace. With these occurrences, you may either change your routine and after a few months you will then plateau again. The best way to maintain your body’s metabolism in producing muscle is to fortify it with Body Fortress Creatine. The constant supply of protein raw material will tell your body to keep working to make muscles and even certain connective tissues may be repaired as they might have been torn or damaged during your exercise. Excess amounts of creatine will be expelled from your body through the kidneys and passed out through your urine. They are not steroids.

This creatine powder mix can be taken orally as it is in powder form. It can be dissolved into either juices or shakes, whichever you prefer. Directions are written in the label of the product and you may even go online to look for a more effective way of taking them. Usually they are taken in combnation with high protein foods but this must be regulated as they might severely overload the kidneys and eventually cause damage to it. The kidneys are the organs that can be greatly affected by a sudden increase in protein as they are the ones that process them for excretion from the body. One thing many people do is combine acai max as an acai berry cleanse to make sure their system stays clean from toxicity to the kidneys.

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